What CrossFit has given me… CrossFit opened up doors for me. 


This year has been my 8th CrossFit Open. As I reflect on this I came to realise something.


Not only have I competed in 8 CrossFit Opens, I’ve competed in multiple national competitions, including Men’s Health Fittest in Australia, Torian Pro, and CrossFit Chasing Better Throwdown; I have experienced CrossFit in gyms around the world, have clocked up 1000 sessions in my own gym and smashed every single one of my PB’s in the last 12 months. 

I might not have been a podium finisher at any of the competitions but I’ve achieved a lot with CrossFit and I’m proud to have faced each new challenge. 

HOWEVER, what I am most proud of are my achievements out of the arena or in the gym.


The physical strengths I have gained throughout the years, have allowed me to help others in times of need. 


When my brother fell off a skateboard last year and broke his leg I was grateful for the strength to be able to lift him up and carry him to the car so that he could get to the hospital as quickly as possible. He’s a 100kg bloke so it was no easy feat and whilst adrenaline most probably played a part if it wasn’t for the gym I’d never have been able to lift him.

Or another time when I noticed a family broken down at the side of the road.

They’d been waiting for the best part of an hour to have RAC come out to change the tyre their car. It was 30 degree day and the driver didn’t have the strength to remove the blown tyre. Again, I was grateful for the ability to be able to assist. The family were back on the road within 10 mins (still no RAC in sight). 


I don’t use these examples to boast of my strength or make out that the gym will somehow make you a super-hero but to show how being physically strong and healthy has benefits that reach far beyond the four walls of the gym.

Physical power is empowering. Fitness creates freedom that allows you to live your life to the fullest both for you and the others around you.


It can be as simple as having enough energy to run around after your kids or be able to help a friend move house. 


How has finding physical strength empowered you? What’s your physical freedom?