Move - At the core of what we teach is movement. Increasing your strength, both physical and mental, by practicing the basics at an exceptional level. Our core movement principles include:
Barbell and gymnastics strength
Strength through range
Skill acquisition and practice
Increasing work capacity
All of this is done with the goal to create more options for your body.
Belong - A place where people can come together and call home. We want you to feel like you belong when you walk through the doors of Athlete X. You will find all types of people at Athlete X and that’s the way we like it. To have people from all walks of life connect and share life experiences is something that we are proud of having at Athlete X.
Support - Our team of highly skilled staff are passionate and dedicated to supporting you on your journey. Through different stages of life and with different goals that you may have, we’ll be there. Whether you’re injured, in pain, wanting to run a marathon, coming back from a break or an experienced athlete, our team has helped thousands of athletes from all walks of life.

Membership options

Small group classes - Personal training - Online - Open gym