As well as our values of Sho-Shin, Effort, Strength and Community, Choose Kind is at the heart of everything we do.

Choose Kind to yourself, to others and to your environment.

The Choose Kind project was born out of a desire to improve the mental health of the world.

What began as a '12 days of Kindness' social media challenge has grown into a movement that aims to positively impact the world using the message of Choose Kind.

As part of this movement we set out a goal of selling 250 custom t-shirts and donate the profits to the Kai Eardley Foundation. We reached this goal in 2019 and successfully raised $5000 for the charity.

We continue to sell merchandise and raise funds for charities making a positive impact on mental health. Purchase merchandise here.

The Kai Eardley foundation helps support the Tomorrow Man project who’s work directly influences the youth of tomorrow.

The Choose Kind project aims to deliver it’s message through workshops in schools, workplaces and other areas.

To connect with the project, send an enquiry to info@athletex.com.au

To find out more about the two foundations click the links below:



It is our mission to spread the message of Choose Kind and to have our facility be a landmark for wellbeing in Perth and beyond.