We’re already nearly two months into a new year and Christmas is but a distant memory, so why reference it here? Because, we believe kindness is something that shouldn’t be confined to a certain time of year. It’s not a one off action, it’s a way of life.  

And what does this have to do with a gym?

Well, at the end of 2018 we came to a sad realisation that in the past year we knew more people affected by suicide than any other illness or disease and it sucks.

Losing someone you know to suicide causes you to experience a whole range of emotions. Yet through the grief, anger, sadness and guilt...comes a desire to do something about it, to learn more and to try and have a positive impact/outcome.

Which is where kindness comes in.

We don’t know the problems an individual faces each day, but being kind can make a difference.

Kindness is a simple action that can be practiced at any age. Similar to physical coaching, kindness is like a muscle and through consistent practice people can build a compassion ‘muscle’ which can have a wealth of positive outcomes.

And once you start to flex your compassion muscle, it is known to have an effect on those around you. The feeling of moral elation increases the likelihood that they will share a similar act therefore creating a contagious community of people sharing positivity.

Visible effects of kindness are instant. A smile. A natural reaction to an act of kindness on both sides. Beyond the smile, this can release two important chemicals; Oxytocin which helps lower blood pressure to help maintain a healthy heart, and Serotonin, which gives you the feeling of happiness.

With continued practice of kindness it is known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Given the different pressures faced by people today adding kindness into our daily routines is just one way that can help alleviate everyday stresses.

Our motto is ‘There’s an athlete in all of us’ because we genuinely believe it. Everyone has the capacity to consistently commit and become proficient in fitness/exercise.

With that same ethos, we have a new project - ‘There’s kindness in all of us.’

Everyone has the capacity to be kind, to themselves, to others and the environment.

To kick start this project we held a 12 day challenge, which started on the 17th of Feb - International Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Every day we released a challenge on our social media channels, they were small tasks that can easily be included in your daily routine with the aim of spreading those kindness vibes.

But, wait there’s more.

This is not just a short term project. We will also be releasing a limited edition t-shirt that will feature the ‘There’s kindness in all of us’ logo which will be available to purchase in the coming weeks. The profits from the sale of these t-shirts will go to a local mental health charity so that they can continue to provide ongoing education, support and services to those most vulnerable.

We also plan to schedule in workshops with visiting specialist such as nutritionists, mental health professionals and environmentalists.

To see the 12 days of kindness challenge or find out when the limited edition t-shirts will be available make sure you follow us on social media - here.